To Be Completed

24-Jan-2018Radythempty bag container%
04-Feb-2014RadythSpinning Blade TrapsSpinning blade traps - v0-v4 are damage and coordinate.. Maybe range incorporated somewhere too. They deal damage if near players and they move from pos1 to pos2 and repeat. Might have to kill this idea unfortunately.. Setting coordinates in olc makes no sense because then all objects that you load will just do the same exact coordinates. If you wanted like five of them down a hallway, you'd have to make 5 seperate items. Now that I'm typing this out, that doesn't sound like that big of a deal? %
05-Mar-2018DanaerFinishing adding Town to graphical map%
06-Mar-2018DanaerBuild a newbie school. (The learning curve is quite high now)%
19-Mar-2018RadythNote System FormattingIngame notes display correctly, but they do not post correctly. Current formatting upon posting in-game ignores all existing linebreaks. Website completed! %
19-Mar-2018RadythNexus NPCsYour nexus world will level up as you expand it more and more. Each level grants you the ability to utilize different NPCs to further improve your base. The higher the level your base is, the higher the level of the NPCs. Level 1:4 grunts Level 2:utlity Level 3:4 grunts Level 4:utility Level 5:captain Level 6:4 grunts, utility Level 7:4 grunts, utility Level 8:4 grunts, utility Level 9:captain, utility Level 10:boss You get 20 grunts, 2 captains and 1 boss You can view, buy, and set the location of your NPCs with the NPC command. This command is specific to the nexus world you are in. npc Your current NPCs: [1]5 orc grunts are farming [2]5 orc grunts at (7, 7) [3]an orc captain at (8, 8) This world is level 6. You may purchase: 3x utility NPCs, 1x grunt horde npc list List all NPCs for sale here. Randomize the list and do some random names/professions. Cannot hire two of the same profession. List refreshes every 6 hours? Utlity NPCs acolyte:casts buff spells and heals you crafter:sells random components scribe:sells random recipes enchanter:enchants, empowers and poisons items explorer:sells random relics farmer:find/sells seeds and will auto-harvest your world. (turn grunts into workers) %
19-Mar-2018RadythNexus Ore SeedsThe farmer NPC will occaisionally find seeds when farming ores that you can purchase from him and place in your base somewhere. These seeds will spawn harvest nodes on the surrounding spaces of the seed. %
19-Mar-2018RadythSmall Bug FixesScreen reader code isn't fully removing all symbols that it should be. Poll isn't working right at all. What symbols isnt it removing that it should be? -Tijer %
19-Mar-2018RadythIdeas for New FeaturesPlayer achievements. I'm good with this if you guys want to do it, but someone else come up with the list. - Radyth sort help like the website put it into catergories with no argument? sort who by mightrate - is this necessary? -radyth combine mobiles like combined objects for some reason I personally wouldn't want this, but if we do it.. let's add a toggle for it. - radyth %
19-Mar-2018RadythPK Battle MapsAdd a bunch of maps. Add a bunch of different pk game types: deathmatch, lives, capture the flag, freeze tag, paintball Run automated pk games with random arenas. Allow players to issue challenges in various arenas via challenge/accept. Possibly do some code to allow bots that load actual pfiles to compete. Could also use this to have bots fight bots and collect massive data from it. %
19-Mar-2018RadythDungeon Relics finish scaling dungeon and adding dungeon uniques Palz replies, 'you might wanna look at the stats for girdle of fiery depths, genji gauntlets and horned bone helet boss. =) far from urgent' Check recipe relics requiring multiple relic components. Some seem a bit overpowered Figure out what we're going to do for selling relics back to wirt. %
19-Mar-2018RadythGeneral Nexus TODOMore regular attack mobs. Fix up all nexus mob attacks. Implement Nexus NPCs for claimed areas. Add sensors: sends note/email to player when detected - max of once per 4hrs Implement clans with alliances and permission settings. Implement clan specific abilities such as spying. %
20-Mar-2018Radythlower vault to encourage nexus bases?%
21-Mar-2018Radythwork out a better system for idling out in nexus%
21-Mar-2018Radythmake addict build up again over time in addition to login bonuses%
21-Mar-2018TijerGive some life to the mobs in townDanaer, Tyrael, Larron and the new Vault Keeper have basic mprogs on them. We need to add some more to the rest of the mobs in town! %
21-Mar-2018TijerFix the pre-connection login timerIve tried and tried to fix this, there appears to be some kind of issue with close_socket, which only occurrs sporadically, so i have disabled the code, i did redo close_socket, which i will revert. Really am unsure what the problem is, but it does appear to be leaking memory, as when it was active, i got random stuff shown to me, greeting etc etc. %
21-Mar-2018Tijera PVP/PVE commandA command which makes people unable to be pkilled, or pkill, a one time switch for those who dont wish to take part. This would however require something to replace the "pk" advantages players get. %
23-Mar-2018TijerLast login/logout trackerA table like this: 10: 9: 8: 7: 6: 5: 4: 3: 2: 1: +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sa That shows the max players on each day (thats for the week) or 10: 9: 8: 7: 6: 5: 4: 3: 2: 1: || +--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+ 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Command was usage - with args of week, or weekday %
28-Mar-2018RadythPROG/Achievements TODO|28-Mar 16:56| Radyth | was kind of thinking we could do something mostly mprog driven |28-Mar 16:56| Radyth | like you go into a room with a mob and you can "turn in" achievements when you've gotten them |28-Mar 16:57| Radyth | like could have tiers of "Hold 100k gold", "hold 1m gold", etc |28-Mar 16:57| Radyth | and if you're holding them, you can go to the mob and turn it in |28-Mar 16:57| Radyth | and you get some sort of prize |28-Mar 16:58| Radyth | One for every relic, one for every materia, tiers of gold, tiers of qps, nexus base level, kill baal, kill walter, kill walter, kill lillith, kill mord |28-Mar 16:59| Radyth | reach level 20/40/60/80/100, reach 10k/12k/14k/16k/18k/20k might |28-Mar 16:59| Zalyak | how would you check for "kill walter" etc? |28-Mar 16:59| Zalyak | the rest are all variable checks, easy enough if the variables can be pulled. |28-Mar 17:00| Radyth | mprog on him that sets something maybe |28-Mar 17:00| Zalyak | actually |28-Mar 17:00| Zalyak | you willing to set up a counter for times killed dungeon bosses? walter, lillith, mord, baal? |28-Mar 17:00| Radyth | sure |28-Mar 17:01| Radyth | maybe just kill counter for all mobs %
03-Apr-2018TijerVanish is reused by other classesVanish which is used for blend for wolves is also used for ninjas, and theres code there to make them kakusu when they dont have the required move... needs looking into! :) %
09-Apr-2018TijerRecode GOLD_MODNeeds to not be a float, but be the calculation in the gold_gain function become a proper percentage To make it easier to manipulate the number %


21-Jan-2014RadythAdd a new todo entry to test out the todo command.
21-Jan-2014Morpheusimplement some form of code to allow tweaking/creation of classforms
21-Jan-2014MorpheusLet Morpheus edit materias
21-Jan-2014MorpheusMake Tiers do stuff, but remove tier exp from below 20k mr kills
22-Jan-2014WydunCheck all Dragoon Breathes / Impales. Make sure each do seperate things for build diversity.
22-Jan-2014WydunMake Normal form and Defense form better for warriors. Retort needs looked at/upped.
22-Jan-2014WydunDelete the following clans: Armifera Fatum / Akatsuki / Lotus Eaters / Dresdon / NWH / The fallen / Chronicle Cats
23-Jan-2014WydunGive nightfall 23mil gold for clan and Ahmod 27.5mil for clan
24-Jan-2014WydunBerserk movement cost is WAY WAY too much. Needs to be changed to be similar to earthquake cost.
24-Jan-2014TijerFix mastery.. so they dont have to quit out to get the proper stats!!
29-Jan-2014WydunIf member X logs out while in the dungeon area, member x logs back in and is stuck in a holding room with no exits and cannot travel/recall from the room
30-Jan-2014WydunPlease make a force mastery timer once a player reaches level 100. No reason for people to be sitting pre mastery for 20+ hours.
31-Jan-2014RadythChange the default color of tells to Bright Magenta. Green looks exactly like say.
31-Jan-2014WydunFix kakusu movement cost, its unusable for more then 2 seconds, the movement cost needs to be very little
31-Jan-2014RadythMake delnews remove the SQL entry as well.
01-Feb-2014RadythFinish out the attack editor and add functionality for them on objects.
04-Feb-2014WydunAdd fight timer to Shoot / Throw (spiders)
05-Feb-2014WydunMake your damn dungeon no class teleport skill able
06-Feb-2014RadythCheck out blink and shishou-kage.
07-Feb-2014RadythAccount Vaults
08-Feb-2014RadythMake shared light radius available for non-grouped players that are wearing a light.
09-Feb-2014WydunMake it when someone has a Me in the begining of their name, when you type k me it doesn't target yourself but them.
10-Feb-2014RadythAffects/DoTs aren't being removed after arena and is causing fight timers.
10-Feb-2014TijerHistory Trivia
11-Feb-2014RadythGladiators are recalling to regular spawn.
11-Feb-2014Morpheusfix Gladiator/arena - recall takes them out of Glad area, gladiator's don't start in the Glad area
13-Feb-2014RadythMake broken legs and broken arms affect mob attacks.
13-Feb-2014DanaerGive my slave area the name "The Slave Market" and add it to Claim
15-Feb-2014RadythAdd options to dungeon key items for mob spawning.
16-Feb-2014WydunFix pk range to work even if they choose not to type mastery (otherwise they can forge to 20k and be unattackable by a mastery person)
16-Feb-2014WydunJump lag needs to be changed, it's currently based on ticks which is insanely dumb.
21-Feb-2014RadythRedo the spam filter to work from the third person perspective.
21-Feb-2014RadythWhen a todo item is completed, change the date to the current date. (Currently it just shows when it was added to the todo list)
21-Feb-2014RadythAdd a toggle option for commas.
22-Feb-2014RadythRoom affects are causing issues in the dungeon.
27-Feb-2014DanaerMake the Shaman skill 'Beast Control' do something.
01-Mar-2014DanaerLook at DoTs when killing mobs. It makes them die without a corpse.
01-Mar-2014RadythBring punishments back in with 50% health instead of mortally wounded. Make sure freekill doesn't add pks.
02-Mar-2014RadythCheck out when area claims are being saved.
03-Mar-2014RadythFix it so you can't manipulate items unless you are within a certain distance from them.
03-Mar-2014RadythDungeon relics give less might since they can't be forged.
04-Mar-2014RadythFix retaliate...
04-Mar-2014RadythVAULTS: Add a timer and other measures so people can't just hide in vaults.
04-Mar-2014RadythAdd something to prevent players from logging into a vault room.
04-Mar-2014RadythVAULTS: Figure out item ownership issues with vaults.
04-Mar-2014RadythVAULTS: Add in gold storage/transferral options
04-Mar-2014TijerFix skills that check for weapons so they arent all based on wearing weapons in right hand!!
05-Mar-2014RadythMake seeing exits affected by line_of_sight.
06-Mar-2014Radythmovement not required for people following a leader
13-Mar-2014DanaerGive Domino security to help with relics.
13-Mar-2014DominoMake it so when special exits target 1,1 in a standard room they work similar to general exits.
15-Mar-2014Tijer(m/o/r)progs get em in
17-Mar-2014RadythWhen doing the weapon detection for skills, make sure to incorporate broken arms.
22-Mar-2014RadythFix objects spells to not use mana. Or convert all healing spells to the new system.
23-Mar-2014RadythMake a better function to reset ownerships. Use this not only at login, but also use this when renaming characters.
23-Mar-2014RadythMake object spells work on armor when struck.
24-Mar-2014RadythCheck out idling out in dungeons.
24-Mar-2014Radythcheck out rescue
25-Mar-2014RadythMake sure that there is an idle timer at all stages of connection, so people can't sit at motd.
25-Mar-2014Radythmake 'touch' spexits trigger if you're moving off of them too.
27-Mar-2014RadythMake sure to add retaliate checks to in_range checks
30-Mar-2014TijerWorkout the issue with Auras and them crashing, believe it may be a similar issue with Baal killing people too
18-Apr-2014RadythCommands to manage account levels, also tie italk to account levels
18-Apr-2014RadythItem Sorting - &t &q &s &i &a &d &w &c &k &m Type Quality Str Int Agi Dex Wis Con Spikes MagicResist
20-Apr-2014Morpheuspeople can get out of punish by quitting right away
27-Apr-2014Pacelfind missing melee
27-Apr-2014RadythUpdate helpfile about locke selling relics.
19-May-2014Tijerchange gold field to a long long integer, and make a fread_long_long function...
22-May-2014RadythAdd unique weapon and shield to gladiators.
22-May-2014RadythFix the exits command in non-wilderness areas. Also fix autoexits in wilderness areas linked normally
02-Jun-2014RadythAdd a keyword to all of the components for easier inventory management.
02-Jun-2014RadythMake PLR_AUTOMAP on by default.
13-Jun-2014TijerRecode combine so its not so hackily coded
19-Jun-2014RadythMake mobs use rolldirt and cure venom.
23-Jun-2014Radythfix issue on bugs1330 (whole thread) : summon stones
01-Mar-2017Tijermake setting helpfile to immortal via website set level of helpfile to immortal
08-Dec-2017RadythDisable detox in gladiator arena.
09-Dec-2017RadythAdvertise on and
11-Dec-2017DanaerAdd newbie chat to history.
11-Dec-2017DanaerPaladin mounts need a helpfile explaining what they do.
11-Dec-2017DanaerHolyinsight needs better explained in the helpfile. (Can't be used on mobs)
11-Dec-2017Tijerability to delete old polls
12-Dec-2017Radythcheck out claim stuff, getting str_cmp errors on claim and possibly on boss death.
13-Dec-2017Radythmake rage not drop below
21-Dec-2017Tijerautoclose color on forging of short/long descriptions
02-Jan-2018Radythmake new changes to immtalk go to the channel history
02-Jan-2018TijerRecoded channel histories (using code i have on another mud) so they are linked to the actual channel and not a separate history command
03-Jan-2018ZakarowynResolve the bug with character deletion affecting a player account's ability to log into certain characters.
16-Jan-2018RadythFix cure venom to match rolldirt.
16-Jan-2018Alvrikfix rescue to work in combat
16-Jan-2018Alvrikadjust firewall duration so it isnt infinite once used
16-Jan-2018RadythLook into prompts and retool to use reactive chunks instead of individual values - %X%T%g <[%hH %mM %vV]> %C%F
16-Jan-2018Alvrikfix talic so he doesnt contineously walk out
16-Jan-2018Alvrikreplace ` with something supported by all clients to cancel stacked commands
16-Jan-2018RadythCheck out mustat, is it broken?
16-Jan-2018RadythAdd ghoul taints to affects list.
17-Jan-2018TijerHelpfiles require pagination code adding to them
17-Jan-2018Alvriklook over manacost on restore spells and maybe adjust strength when used on ally
17-Jan-2018Alvrikadd mythic to new dungeon relics 11600+ and give them the might of equivalent fully forged relics
17-Jan-2018RadythCheck out mobs using rolldirt/bandage/cure venom.
18-Jan-2018RadythNote system: note reply to personal notes bugged? note delete, note catchup disabled.
18-Jan-2018Alvriklook over armor procs and maybe remove/replace hardcoded armor procs
18-Jan-2018Tijer"ch->timer" so it updates on immortals, then change idle/afk show the amount if time idle/afk
19-Jan-2018RadythTry to import some old classic areas - old thalos, lamias, lost city of atlantis
19-Jan-2018Radythcheck out trivias that are adding an extra space
19-Jan-2018Radythbud is a douche and you have been punished no logging out?
19-Jan-2018Tijer-> [17:16:43] [*****] BUG: Balance_lookup: sorc_pet_taunt is invalid.
20-Jan-2018RadythTest changes to touch exits, mobs using rolldirt/cure venom/bandage
20-Jan-2018RadythScrambles aren't rescrambling each tick
21-Jan-2018Alvriklook over forge on dungeon relics to customize items short/long desc
22-Jan-2018Radythseperate unique item naming and apply it to gear received from goody bags
23-Jan-2018Tijercheck PK and how its restricted, possibly add some kind of pklevel restriction?
23-Jan-2018RadythCustom decap doesn't show health remaining
24-Jan-2018Tijercharswitching code where you dont have to actually log out but it acts as if you do, kind of like a pload but only within account?
24-Jan-2018Radythmarket expiration
24-Jan-2018RadythBloodworms are going negative duration and not working after the first one
24-Jan-2018Radythwhy does it force you to do_account if you try to enter vault without a key?
25-Jan-2018Radyth'at' command needs to take coordinates into consideration
25-Jan-2018RadythHistory Immtalk should look at account level instead of IS_IMMORTAL
28-Jan-2018TijerPerhaps make imm board available to imms alts too?
31-Jan-2018RadythDrow levitation isn't showing up in affects.
01-Feb-2018Radythmake regress not take weight
01-Feb-2018Radythvampire transformation stats on aff command
03-Feb-2018Radyththis is a test
04-Feb-2018RadythKill the clan wilderness area and free up that glorious memory.
05-Feb-2018RadythMF affecting gamble gear
06-Feb-2018Radythhandle spamming nexus command
06-Feb-2018Radythhandle no longer at gate
06-Feb-2018RadythI think players are trapped forever in gate world at the moment if they enter it
06-Feb-2018Radythmaybe make the nexus gate into an object so it's more visible
06-Feb-2018Radythchecking if a room has people in it doesn't work great because of mobiles.. come up with better method of detecting rewritable instances
06-Feb-2018Alvrikadd atks for wilderness mobiles
06-Feb-2018Radythneed to figure out how to do drops based on difficuly
06-Feb-2018Radythinstancing not quite right.. look into it
06-Feb-2018Radythmore paint brushes
06-Feb-2018Radythrecipes : difficulty 1: nothing, difficulty 2: nothing, difficulty 3: t1, d4: t2, d5: t3 ... etc ... d8: t6, d9 and d10: t7
06-Feb-2018Radythdon't allow snooping/goto in vault
06-Feb-2018Alvrikrestrict pk +1 -1
07-Feb-2018TijerDate modified on helpfiles? so we can see if they have infact been updated?
07-Feb-2018Radythwindow items - 2 way ranged enabled buildables
07-Feb-2018Radythget rid of that movement cheat!
08-Feb-2018Radythdrow warr still have odd weapon finding
09-Feb-2018Radythhelpfile for prompts : New fields: %O%B%G%X%S%C%T, olc status, battle prompt, lowest group member, XP/Level, health/mana/move, class stuff, timer stuff
09-Feb-2018Radythhelpfile for nexus
11-Feb-2018Radythbase, wall, window, door, sensor, turret, cannon, chest, salvage
12-Feb-2018Radythfix it so you can't build windows/doors over non-walls
12-Feb-2018Radythsensor - remove from flags and add new type, turrets, cannons, salvage machine, floors/roofs
12-Feb-2018Radythdeal with building in unclaimed territory
13-Feb-2018Radythspeed up mobs on map
14-Feb-2018Radythmake it so you can't combine cube in vault
14-Feb-2018Radythmonk prompt like drow warr
14-Feb-2018Radythdragonblood vs mobs?
14-Feb-2018Radythneed to make a table for tile changes to save into for gate worlds
14-Feb-2018Radythaddict based on consecutive days not time online
15-Feb-2018Radythunique reroll recipes useless
15-Feb-2018RadythMake the 'at' command return you back to the correct coordinates after use.
15-Feb-2018Radythmimic chests spawn at 0, 0 in maps
16-Feb-2018Radythset pagelen off
16-Feb-2018Radythtalk about inferno vs arcane and bow sent catch vs.. bow sent?
16-Feb-2018Radythfunctionality to add new trivia.. set up randwo list/delete to be more apparent.
16-Feb-2018Radythmastery can only be worn by appropriate class!
17-Feb-2018Radythnote reply on personal notes not working?
18-Feb-2018Radythhelp file for drow grants
19-Feb-2018Radythshow mortally wounded/health on mapper
19-Feb-2018Radythshaman bomb room ranged
19-Feb-2018Radythhunter's sense doesn't clear on class change
19-Feb-2018Radythwhy can't you travel to tao
19-Feb-2018Radythadd keywords to dungeon items
19-Feb-2018Radythclear hunch over time and on clear/class change
19-Feb-2018Radythdismiss pet command
20-Feb-2018Radythlootarmor/weapon affecting dungeon items
22-Feb-2018Radythfix eviscerate messages
22-Feb-2018Radythenhanced berserk shouldn't hit players if you don't have a fight timer. it should also hit bosses
24-Feb-2018RadythNinja helpfiles need to let you know to use lotus learn and etc.
26-Feb-2018Radythadd in socials and logins/logouts to webchat
26-Feb-2018Radythadd in who list for website and website accounts to who list
26-Feb-2018Radythrandom color code for website
26-Feb-2018Radythup direction in revive room to respawn after 2 ticks - make mob midrounds trigger mort
26-Feb-2018Radythdungeon uniques - magic res and spikes too random
28-Feb-2018TijerFix the inactive timeout on account menu screen, doesnt seem to like people connected at the "pick" player screen works fine at the account name screen tho
28-Feb-2018RadythMap Combat - Direction targeting for: spider throw, shoot, snipe, charge, jump, grapple, jumpkick, pounce, monk throw
28-Feb-2018RadythMap Combat - Room affects for: firewall, spider traps, trace fire/wind/water/light room, pray flood, sanctuary
28-Feb-2018RadythMap Combat - Blink-like abilities: shishou, stechs, rend
28-Feb-2018RadythMap Combat - Special cases: deliverance, whirlwind slash, stalk, hunter's sense
01-Mar-2018Radythshow traps on map for spiders
03-Mar-2018RadythAdd: Sensor, gold mine, turret, turret ammo
03-Mar-2018RadythMake machines blow up. Make doors/windows blow up if the wall it's attached to blows up.
03-Mar-2018Radythmake players drop all clan items if they die in the nexus
03-Mar-2018TijerTrivia - Make it ignore , in answers
03-Mar-2018Radythcheck out login/logout on nexus
03-Mar-2018Radythworried about nodes popping up on the sand in the oasis levels.. might need to swap sand and tree
03-Mar-2018RadythIDLE is making people from nexus go to the void and causing their coordinates to be 1,1.. that's why it's fucked
05-Mar-2018Radythlook into harvest range
07-Mar-2018Radythneed to clear room affects on nexus instance loading
07-Mar-2018Radythcopyover removes addict!
08-Mar-2018Radythmake floors not stackable
08-Mar-2018Radythforge/refine tokens
10-Mar-2018Radythspider traps crashy
10-Mar-2018Radythwolves not attacking
11-Mar-2018RadythScroll length doesn't work quite right.. try setting pageln to 2 or 3 and typing help list.
12-Mar-2018DanaerA lot of help files need updated. No longer have weapon levels
16-Mar-2018Radythemail addresses / monthly newsletter
20-Mar-2018Radythsit/rest/sleep on?
21-Mar-2018TijerRoom Descs on (non Tilebased Map) are broken
26-Mar-2018Radythdragonsight in interp.c
29-Mar-2018Radythgsoc is using mob names instead of short descr