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To Be Completed

25-Feb-2014TijerFinish up the Screen Reader friendly code, as there are several commands that still have the - and + around them!0%
15-Mar-2014RadythRetool class skills for dungeon.0%
15-Mar-2014Tijer(m/o/r)progs get em in0%
11-Dec-2017Tijerability to delete old polls0%
02-Jan-2018Radythfinish scaling dungeon and adding dungeon uniques80%
04-Jan-2018TijerFix say so it only shows to people at the same co-ordinate not the entire room!0%
16-Jan-2018Alvrikadjust firewall duration so it isnt infinite once used0%
17-Jan-2018TijerHelpfiles require pagination code adding to them0%
18-Jan-2018Alvriklook over armor procs and maybe remove/replace hardcoded armor procs0%
21-Jan-2018Alvriklook over forge on dungeon relics to customize items short/long desc0%
22-Jan-2018Radythcommand to wear the best gear you have based on what stat you specify? ie: outfit str, would wear/replace all of the gear with the highest str in your inventory0%
22-Jan-2018Radythset junk hero master-ring-talis0%
22-Jan-2018Radythseperate unique item naming and apply it to gear received from goody bags0%
22-Jan-2018TijerPlayer achievments?0%
22-Jan-2018TijerArea Exploration code - Some kind of bonus for interacting with a mobs/objects/rooms in an area?0%
23-Jan-2018Tijercheck PK and how its restricted, possibly add some kind of pklevel restriction?0%
23-Jan-2018RadythGive dungeon relics to gladiators.0%


21-Jan-2014RadythAdd a new todo entry to test out the todo command.
21-Jan-2014Morpheusimplement some form of code to allow tweaking/creation of classforms
21-Jan-2014MorpheusLet Morpheus edit materias
21-Jan-2014MorpheusMake Tiers do stuff, but remove tier exp from below 20k mr kills
22-Jan-2014WydunCheck all Dragoon Breathes / Impales. Make sure each do seperate things for build diversity.
22-Jan-2014WydunMake Normal form and Defense form better for warriors. Retort needs looked at/upped.
22-Jan-2014WydunDelete the following clans: Armifera Fatum / Akatsuki / Lotus Eaters / Dresdon / NWH / The fallen / Chronicle Cats
23-Jan-2014WydunGive nightfall 23mil gold for clan and Ahmod 27.5mil for clan
24-Jan-2014WydunBerserk movement cost is WAY WAY too much. Needs to be changed to be similar to earthquake cost.
24-Jan-2014TijerFix mastery.. so they dont have to quit out to get the proper stats!!
29-Jan-2014WydunIf member X logs out while in the dungeon area, member x logs back in and is stuck in a holding room with no exits and cannot travel/recall from the room
30-Jan-2014WydunPlease make a force mastery timer once a player reaches level 100. No reason for people to be sitting pre mastery for 20+ hours.
31-Jan-2014RadythChange the default color of tells to Bright Magenta. Green looks exactly like say.
31-Jan-2014WydunFix kakusu movement cost, its unusable for more then 2 seconds, the movement cost needs to be very little
31-Jan-2014RadythMake delnews remove the SQL entry as well.
01-Feb-2014RadythFinish out the attack editor and add functionality for them on objects.
04-Feb-2014WydunAdd fight timer to Shoot / Throw (spiders)
05-Feb-2014WydunMake your damn dungeon no class teleport skill able
06-Feb-2014RadythCheck out blink and shishou-kage.
07-Feb-2014RadythAccount Vaults
08-Feb-2014RadythMake shared light radius available for non-grouped players that are wearing a light.
09-Feb-2014WydunMake it when someone has a Me in the begining of their name, when you type k me it doesn't target yourself but them.
10-Feb-2014RadythAffects/DoTs aren't being removed after arena and is causing fight timers.
10-Feb-2014TijerHistory Trivia
11-Feb-2014RadythGladiators are recalling to regular spawn.
11-Feb-2014Morpheusfix Gladiator/arena - recall takes them out of Glad area, gladiator's don't start in the Glad area
13-Feb-2014RadythMake broken legs and broken arms affect mob attacks.
13-Feb-2014DanaerGive my slave area the name "The Slave Market" and add it to Claim
15-Feb-2014RadythAdd options to dungeon key items for mob spawning.
16-Feb-2014WydunFix pk range to work even if they choose not to type mastery (otherwise they can forge to 20k and be unattackable by a mastery person)
16-Feb-2014WydunJump lag needs to be changed, it's currently based on ticks which is insanely dumb.
21-Feb-2014RadythRedo the spam filter to work from the third person perspective.
21-Feb-2014RadythWhen a todo item is completed, change the date to the current date. (Currently it just shows when it was added to the todo list)
21-Feb-2014RadythAdd a toggle option for commas.
22-Feb-2014RadythRoom affects are causing issues in the dungeon.
27-Feb-2014DanaerMake the Shaman skill 'Beast Control' do something.
01-Mar-2014DanaerLook at DoTs when killing mobs. It makes them die without a corpse.
01-Mar-2014RadythBring punishments back in with 50% health instead of mortally wounded. Make sure freekill doesn't add pks.
02-Mar-2014RadythCheck out when area claims are being saved.
03-Mar-2014RadythFix it so you can't manipulate items unless you are within a certain distance from them.
03-Mar-2014RadythDungeon relics give less might since they can't be forged.
04-Mar-2014RadythFix retaliate...
04-Mar-2014RadythVAULTS: Add a timer and other measures so people can't just hide in vaults.
04-Mar-2014RadythAdd something to prevent players from logging into a vault room.
04-Mar-2014RadythVAULTS: Figure out item ownership issues with vaults.
04-Mar-2014RadythVAULTS: Add in gold storage/transferral options
04-Mar-2014TijerFix skills that check for weapons so they arent all based on wearing weapons in right hand!!
05-Mar-2014RadythMake seeing exits affected by line_of_sight.
06-Mar-2014Radythmovement not required for people following a leader
13-Mar-2014DanaerGive Domino security to help with relics.
13-Mar-2014DominoMake it so when special exits target 1,1 in a standard room they work similar to general exits.
17-Mar-2014RadythWhen doing the weapon detection for skills, make sure to incorporate broken arms.
22-Mar-2014RadythFix objects spells to not use mana. Or convert all healing spells to the new system.
23-Mar-2014RadythMake a better function to reset ownerships. Use this not only at login, but also use this when renaming characters.
23-Mar-2014RadythMake object spells work on armor when struck.
24-Mar-2014RadythCheck out idling out in dungeons.
24-Mar-2014Radythcheck out rescue
25-Mar-2014RadythMake sure that there is an idle timer at all stages of connection, so people can't sit at motd.
25-Mar-2014Radythmake 'touch' spexits trigger if you're moving off of them too.
27-Mar-2014RadythMake sure to add retaliate checks to in_range checks
30-Mar-2014TijerWorkout the issue with Auras and them crashing, believe it may be a similar issue with Baal killing people too
18-Apr-2014RadythCommands to manage account levels, also tie italk to account levels
18-Apr-2014RadythItem Sorting - &t &q &s &i &a &d &w &c &k &m Type Quality Str Int Agi Dex Wis Con Spikes MagicResist
20-Apr-2014Morpheuspeople can get out of punish by quitting right away
27-Apr-2014Pacelfind missing melee
27-Apr-2014RadythUpdate helpfile about locke selling relics.
19-May-2014Tijerchange gold field to a long long integer, and make a fread_long_long function...
22-May-2014RadythAdd unique weapon and shield to gladiators.
22-May-2014RadythFix the exits command in non-wilderness areas. Also fix autoexits in wilderness areas linked normally
02-Jun-2014RadythAdd a keyword to all of the components for easier inventory management.
02-Jun-2014RadythMake PLR_AUTOMAP on by default.
13-Jun-2014TijerRecode combine so its not so hackily coded
19-Jun-2014RadythMake mobs use rolldirt and cure venom.
23-Jun-2014Radythfix issue on bugs1330 (whole thread) : summon stones
01-Mar-2017Tijermake setting helpfile to immortal via website set level of helpfile to immortal
08-Dec-2017RadythDisable detox in gladiator arena.
09-Dec-2017RadythAdvertise on and
11-Dec-2017DanaerAdd newbie chat to history.
11-Dec-2017DanaerPaladin mounts need a helpfile explaining what they do.
11-Dec-2017DanaerHolyinsight needs better explained in the helpfile. (Can't be used on mobs)
12-Dec-2017Radythcheck out claim stuff, getting str_cmp errors on claim and possibly on boss death.
13-Dec-2017Radythmake rage not drop below
21-Dec-2017Tijerautoclose color on forging of short/long descriptions
02-Jan-2018Radythmake new changes to immtalk go to the channel history
02-Jan-2018TijerRecoded channel histories (using code i have on another mud) so they are linked to the actual channel and not a separate history command
03-Jan-2018ZakarowynResolve the bug with character deletion affecting a player account's ability to log into certain characters.
16-Jan-2018RadythFix cure venom to match rolldirt.
16-Jan-2018Alvrikfix rescue to work in combat
16-Jan-2018RadythLook into prompts and retool to use reactive chunks instead of individual values - %X%T%g <[%hH %mM %vV]> %C%F
16-Jan-2018Alvrikfix talic so he doesnt contineously walk out
16-Jan-2018Alvrikreplace ` with something supported by all clients to cancel stacked commands
16-Jan-2018RadythCheck out mustat, is it broken?
16-Jan-2018RadythAdd ghoul taints to affects list.
17-Jan-2018Alvriklook over manacost on restore spells and maybe adjust strength when used on ally
17-Jan-2018Alvrikadd mythic to new dungeon relics 11600+ and give them the might of equivalent fully forged relics
17-Jan-2018RadythCheck out mobs using rolldirt/bandage/cure venom.
18-Jan-2018RadythNote system: note reply to personal notes bugged? note delete, note catchup disabled.
18-Jan-2018Tijer"ch->timer" so it updates on immortals, then change idle/afk show the amount if time idle/afk
19-Jan-2018RadythTry to import some old classic areas - old thalos, lamias, lost city of atlantis
19-Jan-2018Radythcheck out trivias that are adding an extra space
19-Jan-2018Radythbud is a douche and you have been punished no logging out?
19-Jan-2018Tijer-> [17:16:43] [*****] BUG: Balance_lookup: sorc_pet_taunt is invalid.
20-Jan-2018RadythTest changes to touch exits, mobs using rolldirt/cure venom/bandage
20-Jan-2018RadythScrambles aren't rescrambling each tick