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Ninja Throw (Bomb) and Cost of Flee

2018-01-10 21:26:58

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I was recently PKing, and I noticed two things that bothered me.
First, the cost of fleeing is extremely high. 
Ninja needs to backstab (perferably sleeping) victims, and fleeing is crucial.
It cost me 200-300k moves to flee, and refresh cures about 1k. What gives?
Also, ninja throw-bomb is useless. It's great that it puts the victim to sleep.
It is not great that the victim can wake up, lagless, immediately.
2018-01-11 14:21:11

3 Posts
Do not use flee to escape as a ninja.  Use the class command you have.  I
believe it is the mien command.  I am pretty sure it begins with an M.
It should cost significantly less than flee.  I also believe the throw/bomb
combo is only used for openers, so you can get a sleep + backstab.  Once
the target is in combat, I believe they do not get lagged.

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