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10449a Champion's Warhammer100000
10208a Master's Dai-Katana5000
10207a Master's Dai-Katana5000
10206a Grandmaster's Greatsword5000
10202a Master's Greatsword5000
10201a Master's Greatsword5000
10200a Master's Greatsword5000
10144war sword of precision [0-0]5000
10143scimitar of protection [0-0]5000
10138kris of barriers [0-0]5000
10137war sword of precision [0-0]5000
10135warhammer hammer of time [0-0]5000
10133kris of power [0-0]5000
9803a Grandmaster's Kris15000
9796a Grandmaster's Dai-Katana15000
9790a Master's Cat o' Nine Tails15000
9788a Grandmaster's Cat o' Nine Tails20000