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1048815agi 25dex 1050mr razor sharp spikes Belt10000
1048325agi 15wis 1050mr large spikes Greaves10000
1048225agi 15str 700mr large spikes bracer10000
1048135agi 1050MR large spikes boots10000
10480a Magic Talisman ***250000
10479a Magic Chainmail Shirt ***250000
1046035agi 700mr large spikes leggings5000
1045915agi 25con 1050mr Jagged Spikes Ring5000
1045435agi 875mr gruesome bracer13000
1045335dex 875mr large spikes breastplate6600
1045235int 700mr large spikes bracer65000
1044825dex 15str 700MR razor spikes ring5000
1044735int 1050MR jagged spikes boots5000
10442a Grandmaster's Talisman20000
10405int35 700mr large spikes bracer7600
10404{$[F403]35dex 1050mr large spikes fullplate6000
10403{$[F403]35str 876mr large spikes talisman5000
10402con35 700mr razor fullplate5000
10401{$[B503]35wis 700mr jagged talisman5000
10400{$[B510]35str 700mr jagged talisman5000
10397{$[B510]33agi 700mr greaves5000
10395{$[B304]35con 875mr spikes crown5000
1039435agi 15str 875mr large spikes talisman50000
10392a Grandmaster's Talisman10000
10382a Brawler's pair of Ringmail Sleeves ***10000
10358{$[F001]{$[B502]35agi 700mr jagged boots5600
10350a Grandmaster's Tower Shield10000
1034935wis 875mr spikes bracer5600
1033735str 525mr barbs boots10000
1033635int 525mr 0spikes plate5000
1033335int 525mr spikes bracer30000
10305a King's pair of Plate Gauntlets25000
10304a King's Tower Shield25000
10303a King's Plate Bracer25000
10302a King's Crown25000
10301a King's Hooded Cloak25000
10300a King's Talisman25000
10299a King's Fullplate25000
10298a King's Hooded Cloak25000
10297a King's pair of Plate Greaves25000
10296a King's pair of Plate Greaves25000
10295a Master's pair of Ringmail Sleeves20000
10256New Items! Drizzt Gafgarion Galahad Solo Trinity Urza1000000000
10213a Knight's Lamp15000
10152a King's pair of Plate Gauntlets15000
10151a King's Plate Belt15000
10150a King's pair of Plate Greaves15000
10140a King's pair of Plate Gauntlets5000
10139plate fullplate of omniscience [razor sharp spikes-700]5000
10132plate greaves of protection [large spikes-875]5000
10131plate greaves of the ancients [large spikes-875]5000
10127plate belt of devastation [jagged spikes-875]5000
10126plate boots of illusions [large spikes-875]5000
10077a Grandmaster's Plate Belt30000
10053a Grandmaster's pair of Plate Vambraces50000
10051a Hero's Breastplate15000
10046a King's Talisman15000
10045a Master's pair of Plate Gauntlets20000
10044a Hero's Plate Belt15000
10043a Hero's pair of Ringmail Gloves15000
10041a Hero's pair of Ringmail Sleeves25000
10040a Master's pair of Plate Greaves25000
10039a Grandmaster's pair of Plate Greaves15000
10038a Grandmaster's Ring50000
10037a King's Plate Belt25000
10036a King's pair of Plate Vambraces15000
10035a Hero's Breastplate15000
9853a King's pair of Plate Boots10000
9851a King's pair of Plate Vambraces10000
9850a King's pair of Plate Boots10000
9847a Master's Shard10000
9846a Grandmaster's Hooded Cloak10000
9845a Grandmaster's Fullplate10000
9844a Grandmaster's pair of Plate Gauntlets10000
9843a Grandmaster's Plate Belt10000
9802a Grandmaster's pair of Plate Greaves15000
9799a Grandmaster's pair of Plate Boots15000
9798a Grandmaster's Tower Shield15000
9797a Grandmaster's Crown15000
9795a Grandmaster's pair of Plate Gauntlets15000
9778plate belt of power [jagged spikes-700]15000
9777plate boots of power [spikes-525]15000
9775plate vambraces of power [jagged spikes-350]15000
9774plate vambraces of speed [large spikes-875]15000
9769cape of speed [0-0]15000
9768cloak of speed [0-0]15000
9767shirt chainmail of speed [jagged spikes-525]15000
9765chainmail gloves of speed [0-0]15000
9764cape of speed [0-0]15000
9763plate greaves of speed [spikes-700]15000
9762shirt ringmail of speed [0-875]15000
9760ringmail bracer of speed [0-0]15000
9759crown of devastation [0-875]5000
9757plate belt of devastation [large spikes-0]5000
9754plate boots of devastation [jagged spikes-350]5000
9752plate fullplate of devastation [jagged spikes-0]5000
9751plate boots of devastation [0-700]5000
9749plate belt of devastation [jagged spikes-525]5000
9748plate boots of devastation [jagged spikes-875]5000
9747hooded cloak of devastation [large spikes-700]5000
9746plate vambraces of devastation [razor sharp spikes-525]5000
9667SHIRT | 35 int | large spikes25000
9666BRACER | 35 agi | spikes25000
9662BRACER | 35 agi | 350 mr25000
9661GREAVES | 25 agi/15 str | 700mr25000
9563a Novice's Lamp35000
9561a Knight's Shard35000
9560a Novice's Lamp35000
9557a Champion's Orb35000
9556Lamp [15str/15wis/700MR/Gruesome]100000
9555a King's Crown25000
9554a King's pair of Plate Boots25000
9553a King's pair of Plate Greaves25000
9552a King's pair of Plate Vambraces25000
9551a King's pair of Plate Boots25000
9549a King's pair of Plate Vambraces25000
9547a King's pair of Plate Vambraces25000
9546a King's pair of Plate Boots25000
9542a King's Fullplate25000
9538a King's Fullplate25000
9537a King's pair of Plate Vambraces25000
9535a King's pair of Plate Boots25000
9532Gauntlets [25Wis/1050MR/150AC/Jagged]25000
9524Vambraces [35Con/1050MR/174AC/None]25000
9520Vambraces [35Str/700MR/164AC/Large]25000
9514Fullplate [35Wis/525MR/430AC/Grusome]25000
9419Gruesome 25wis 15dex 1050MR Cloak5000
8399belt (large 35con 875mr)25000
8234-=( 25Dex/15Agi 875MR Crown{=-500000
8205a Hero's Shard1000000
8204a Hero's pair of Ringmail Boots1000000
6958a King's Tower Shield5000
6297[600S 19INT/15CON 525MR] Breast50000
6295[600S 25DEX/5INT 525MR] Belt50000
6294[200S 25CON/15AGI 1050MR] Boots50000
5697[600S 25DEX/15WIS 0MR] Greaves50000
5635Razor Dex15 Wis25 Vambraces MR 105030000
5192Boots - 25int15agi 875mr [Large Spikes]49500
4295a King's pair of Plate Greaves25000
4294a King's Crown25000
4291a King's Crown25000
4015a King's Crown25000
3541a King's Fullplate25000
3540a King's pair of Plate Greaves25000
3537a King's pair of Plate Greaves25000
2841a Grandmaster's pair of Plate Greaves250000