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Category: z_Zealot
Author: Kain
Paladins are holy champions of valor who use their powers to rid the world of evil. They are masters of the sword, mace, and shield and have learned to unleash hidden powers locked away inside of them. Paladins also can ride on their faithful steeds who also help you in your crusades against evil. Skills are gained using the Devote command. Devote improve to gain power. Hammer Mastery - You are much more skilled with hammers, clubs, and other blunt weapons. Auras - Activate various auras which help protect you from harm. Holy Shield - Empowers your shield with holy magic. Mount - Summon a steed for you to ride into battle upon. Shieldbash - Smash your shield into your enemy's face. Charge - Rush your enemies with your mount to initiate combat with them. Zeal - Unleash your fervor into a quick assault of strikes. Wrath of God - A powerful attack of pure holy energy. Holy Shock - Channel the power of your faith into a vicious attack. Salvation - When you are low on life, you are bestowed with enhanced damage. * Primary Attribute: Strength. * Secondary Attibute: Intelligence, Dexterity. * Tertiary Attribute: Agility.
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