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Category: General
Author: unknown
This entry serves as a brief 'digest' to the rules (HELP RULES). From this point forward, you are expected to be familiar with and comply with all the rules of the mud at all times. The most simple and important rule you can follow is this: If you find yourself thinking, 'I wonder if this is illegal,' it probably is. For those who need everything spelled out for them specifically: 1 - Respect the staff. They are volunteers, and they deserve respect. 2 - Respect others. Personal / racial abuse will not be tolerated. 3 - Respect the MUD. Advertising or spam will not be tolerated. 4 - No interference with PK. Ever. In any way. 5 - No multiplaying. Ever. In any way. 6 - Character sharing, object/gold transference, all verboten.
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