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Category: General
Author: Radyth
Classes of the War of Legend: Demon - Bringers of death and destruction. (Slaughter/Torment/Inferno) Drow - Powerful dark-elves from the Underdark. (Mage/Cleric/Warrior) Ninja - Masters of stealth and assassination. (Serpent/Lotus/Spider) Dragoon - Knights who worship mighty dragons. (Fire/Ice/Lightning/Acid/Magic/Dark/Holy) Sentinel - Incarnations of Nature's Wrath. (Bow/Arcane/Sword) Undead - Creatures of Death and Darkness. (Ghoul/Vampire/Wraith) Zealot - Holy Crusaders of God's Angst. (Monk/Paladin/Priest) Werewolf - Half man and half wolf. (Shaman/Hunter/Berserker) See the help files for each class for more information.
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