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Category: z_Werewolf
Author: unknown
Werewolves are humans who have the power to transform into a ferocious beast that is half man, half wolf, and pure carnage. They are prone to extreme violence as they only become more vicious the more they fight. Wolfskill - Used to choose your wolf type. You can gain skills after you choose your type by typing wolfskill learn. All werewolves have access to the instinct group and the wolf group. After choosing your wolf type you will have access to another group. Gifts from your wolf brethren: Claw - A quick and accurate strike using your claws. Fang - A powerful, but somewhat inaccurate biting attack. Growl - A low growl to intimidate your enemies. Howl - A piercing howl to the moon. Wereform - Controlled transformation to your wolf form. Instincts to survive the war: Truesight - Class truesight. Portal Slash - Class travel. Speed of the Wolf - Gives you more melee attacks. Auto. Wolf Agility - Enhanced dodge. Auto. Bestial Strength - Enhanced physical damage. Auto. See help files on Shaman, Hunter, and Berserker.
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