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Category: General
Author: Triskal
Demons are powerful creatures from the depths of Hell itself. They are atrociously strong, making them one of the most feared beings in the realms. With abilities ranging from fiery blasts to demonic forms, it is easy to see why so many cower beneath these huge beasts. Pact - Pact is used to swear allegience to a certain Demonlord. After swearing a pact, use pact seal to gain power. Inpart - Inpart is used to gain some innate abilities of all demons. Use inpart ability to gain a skill. Demons serve one of three demonlords. By sealing a pact with one, you may gain all of the skills used by their servants. You can then gain up to five skills under the other demonlords pacts. See help on Inferno, Torment, Slaughter, and Inpart.
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