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Category: z_Sentinel
Author: unknown
*Way of the Bow - The arts of marksmanship and fletchery. *Shoot - Slay enemies from afar with deadly arrows. *Longshot - Increase your field of vision to shoot farther. (Auto) *Doubleshot - Less accurate but a chance to score twice in one shot. (Auto) *Flamingarrow - Use flaming arrows to set your foes ablaze. *Arrowstorm - Shoot an enchanted arrow into the sky for a powerful arrowstorm. *Trickshot - Deal massive damage with creative archery shots. *Magicarrow - Use magical arrows when shooting your enemies. *Catch - Snatch missile weapons from the air. (Auto) *Mithrilarrow - Use pure mithril arrows to slay your foes. *Snipe - Target a location on the enemy's body for massive damage. * Primary Attribute: Dexterity. * Secondary Attibute: Strength. * Tertiary Attribute: Agility, Intelligence. Some of these skills are automatic once you gain them and others need to be typed in order to use them: Longshot, Doubleshot, and Catch are all automatic skills once you obtain them. Trickshot can be used while fighting by typing trickshot *target*. Arrowstorm can be used to do area of affect damage to a room of creatures, it will not affect other players. Both Shoot and Snipe can be used to attack your enemy from afar. Shoot can be used by typing shoot *target* *direction*. If your target is in the same room you do not need to use a direction to shoot them. Snipe can be used by typing snipe *target* *bodypart* *direction*. You can change which arrow you are using with quiver *type*.
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