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Quiver Flamingarrow Magicarrow Mithrilarrow Stunarrow Poisonarrow

Category: z_Sentinel
Author: Vess
Quiver allows a sentinel to change what type of arrows they will fire when using the Shoot ability. This also affects what type of arrows are used with the Snipe and Trickshot for Bow Sentinels. The following is a list of each arrow type: Flaming: Shoot flaming arrows that add a damage over time. Magic : Shoot magic arrows that have a chance to apply random debuffs. Mithril: Shoot mithril arrows that add a stacking AC debuff. Stun : Shoot stun arrows that can stun and stop combat. Poison : Shoot poison arrows that add a damage over time. *Poison and Stun arrows are only available to Bow Sentinels. Syntax: Quiver (arrow type)
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