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Category: z_Werewolf
Author: Radyth
Light Shards - Gives you charge up orbs when you claw, fang, growl or howl. Moonbeam - Finishing attack that does damage and cleanses lunar exhaustion. Moon Shield - Finishing attack that puts up a damage barrier. Moons Curse - Finishing attack that debuffs wisdom. Lunar Bomb - Delayed finishing attack that does massive damage and applies lunar exhaustion. Controlled Growl - Able to emit a low growl to demoralize a foe or a fierce growl that can terrify a foe. Shamans make use of light shards to charge up their attacks. When you build up your charges, it will make your finishing attacks do much more damage. Moonbeam and Lunar Bomb are based on intelligence. Moon Curse and Moon Shield are based purely on rage and charges. You can build each charge type up to two levels. All four charge types can be active at one time. When you have two of each charge type, for a total of 8 charges, the finisher damage bonus is doubled. Using Moonbeam, Moon Shield and Moons Curse removes all charges. The damage of Lunar Bomb is based on your current charges when it explodes. Charges also have innate passive abilities. Listed below are the affects of each charge up. Claw Charge: First Orb - +4 critical. +25% Finishing Move Second Orb - +8 critical. +25% Finishing Move Fang Charge: First Orb - +4 haste. +25% Finishing Move Second Orb - +8 haste. +25% Finishing Move Howl Charge: First Orb - +1500 leech/drain. +25% Finishing Move Second Orb - +2500 leech/drain. +25% Finishing Move Growl Charge: First Orb - -10% dmg taken. +25% Finishing Move Second Orb - -10% dmg taken. +1 melee. +25% Finishing Move
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