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Category: General
Author: Tijer
War of Legend aims to be pretty relaxed with the Rules of the MUD. The Following are the RULES that we actively enforce. * Communication The Administration is here to make the MUD a better place. Therefore, please do not run your mouth at them, under any circumstances. They are not paid to work here, and do it in their spare time for fun. The flame channel is a free for all, you can talk about what you like there. If an immortal tells you to stop talking about something on there, you will stop. First Offense: Silence for 1 hr Second Offense: Freeze for 2 hrs Third Offense: Deny * Personal/Racial Abuse This MUD has been put up for the enjoyment of everyone, anyone found to be racially abusing, and/or personally abusing anyone will be dealt with harshly. First Offense: Silence for 1 hr Second Offense: Silence for 4 hrs Third Offense: Silence for 24 hrs * Advertising Advertising of another MUD on who and channels is illegal - DON'T DO IT! Also, going to another MUD to advertise is against the rules. It makes you and us look bad. First Offense: Silence for 1 hr, and possible banning from the MUD you advertised Second Offense: Freeze for 2 hours Third Offense: Deny Silence for a time determined by the immortal online. * Whining The MUD is currently going through changes, so things may not work like they should. If you have any issues, use the Personal Board to Immortal. Any whining on public channels will be ignored. You have the right to quit at any time. Silence for a time determined by the immortal online. * Player Killing This MUD is a Player Killing MUD. There is to be no PK interference. PK interference is defined as healing any character who is being PKd. PK harasment is also frowned upon. Continued PK for no gain is no FUN! There is also to be no perma morting. DO NOT use damage over time skills to keep a player mortally wounded. DO NOT use triggers in PK Punishment determined by the immortal online. * Multi-playing Multi-playing is having more than one character connected to the MUD at any time. The account system does not allow more than 1 character to be connected from any account. You may NOT circumvent this by creating multiple accounts. You are only allowed to have 1 account. If you are seen by an immortal to have more than one account connected from your IP, and you claim that they are someone else using your network, you will be asked to provide an IPConfig.txt file to If you are unable to provide this file then one of your accounts will be deleted, as decided by the immortal on at the time. There are, however, some rules for people connected from the same IP which are: You must not Pkill each other. You must not Sell EQ to each other. You must not Transfer gold between each other You must not Share each others' characters (this is defined in Character Sharing) First Offense: Deletion of characters involved Second Offense: Deletion of accounts involved, determined by the immortal. Third Offense: Site Ban. * Character/Account Sharing Your account is to be connected by you and you alone. You are not allowed to give your password to any other person to connect your characters. Punishment determined by the immortal online. * Gold Transferral The only way you may transfer gold between your characters is via the Vault System. Please do NOT use Auction to transfer gold. Please also do NOT bid rediculous amounts of gold on items Newbies Auction. Punishment for Gold Transferral - GOLD Reset to 0 Punishment for Overbidding on Items - You gold set to a negative amount determined by the Immortal online. * Botting/Triggers All automated actions are illegal. Anything from casting cure blind on yourself when blinded to automated exp/golding. We take automated actions rather seriously. First Offense: Deletion Subsequent Offenses: Deletion until we decide to ban. * Equipment Transferral The only way you may transfer equipment between your characters is via the Vault system. Items being transferred via any other means will be purged from the game. Anything you think might be illegal, but is not listed here, probably is. * For any advice or clarification, post a note to immortal.
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