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Category: General
Author: Radyth
Commands: Build - Build a base, walls, chests and doors. Type 'build' for syntax. Destroy - The opposite of build. Type 'destroy' for syntax. Harvest - Building & raiding will require resources. 'harvest ' Crystals: Mix these with a bomb in the cube to control the bomb's detonation type. Power crystals are to generate power for things in your base, such as intruder detectors. * BETA: Right now, only controlling crystals are relevant. Curseweed: Mix these with sulfur in the cube to create bombs. * BETA: Only explosion powder is relevant (explosive bombs). Trees: These give you wood, to construct walls. Boulders: These give you stone and metals to construct walls. These also give you sulfur to make bombs. Detonate - Used to shoot cannons and to remotely detonate bombs. Type 'detonate' for syntax. * Type detonate after you drop the bomb in the room. Crecall - Used to travel to the clan area. Once you build a base, it will take you there. If you have not built a base yet, you will be transported to a random unclaimed location on the map. The World: Resources: Resources spawn all over the world. Some resources favor certain types of land. For example, you'll tend to find crystals on sand and boulders on dirt. You cannot remove these resources from the clan world, and if you die - you will drop all clan-world resources that you are carrying. The best way to store these resources are inside of trunks, which you can craft via the build command. Your Territory: Your base allows you control of a small circle of land on the map, in which you are the sole person that is allowed to use doors, open trunks, build/destroy and detonate bombs. If you do not close your trunks, any player can steal from them. Be sure to keep them closed! Raiding: You may use explosives and cannons to lay siege to an enemy's base. If you blow up their trunks, all of the items inside of them will drop onto the ground. All walls and trunks have 'health', which bombs will deplete if caught in range of an explosion. It will require multiple hits to destroy walls, and even more so for the better walls. If a wall goes 3 ticks without receiving explosive damage, it will fully regenerate. This means it will take a constant barrage to sucessfully raid another base. PVP Range: There is no range in the clan world. Ganging is allowed. Retaliate does not matter. Cannons/Bombs: Each cannon you find will have a max distance and accuracy associated with it. Place a bomb into a cannon along with any number of explosive powders. Explosive powders will determine how far the bomb you are shooting will travel (up to the cannon's range). Use cannons to shoot bombs into your opponent's territory.
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