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Category: Social
Author: Tijer
Intermud-3 is a protocol which allows you to chat with people on other muds who are also connected to Intermud-3. It is primarily populated by LP based muds at this time, but the hope is to get more Diku based muds to join over time. While some may say that Diku based muds would be better served on the IMC Network, it is far easier for a mud to obtain a connection to the Intermud-3 network, and the commands to use it are generally simpler. In either case, should a mud desire it, Intermud-3 will coexist peacefully with an IMC enabled mud. Currently there is no way for public or private traffic to be passed from one network to the other. See also: I3, I3TELL, I3EMOTE, I3FINGER, I3WHO, I3LOCATE, IMC
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