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Category: General
Author: Zero
Tattoos are a mark of power. They are designs of a powerful animal that is the embodiment of a certain ability. By grafting their image onto your back, you can absorb some of their power. Tattoos cost 500,000 gold and can be found at Tao's Parlor. Note: You can remove tattoos by using the remove command. Note: Removing a tattoo from any location costs 500,000 gold. Syntax: Remove Chest/Back/Left/Right Tattoos: Arm Tattoos Left/Right: 150,000g ea. (total of 2) Skull: adds 500 damroll per Skull Spider: adds 500 hitroll per Spider Cross: adds -1000 armor class per Cross Tribal: adds 15 to all stats per Tribal Chest Tattoo: 500,000g ea. (Total of 1) Raven: adds 100 Intelligence Owl: adds 100 Wisdom Dragon: adds 100 Constuition Panther: adds 100 Dexterity Serpent: adds 100 Agility Tiger: adds 100 Strength Back Tattoo: 750,000g ea. (total of 1) Flaming sword: Increases Your Damagecap Broken Sword: Lowers Opponaments Damagecap Burning Tower: Magical Resistance Pentagram: Increases Magical Attack Damage *Be wary getting tattoos before you are ready. Fixing up your equipment is often a better investment.
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