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Category: z_Undead
Author: Frosk
The Undead are a powerful race of reanimated creatures. Not truely human any longer, they have embraced death and mastered its power. Each type of Undead has its own special powers, making them even more deadly. Ghoul - Walking corpses, full of disease and rot. Vampire - Powerful shapeshifters that feed on the living. Wraith - Long dead mages who wield the powers of the Nether. Once classed Undead, use undeath to specialize. All Undead have access to the following powers, found in the Death and Spirit groups: Strength and power of the undead (Death): Unholy Strength - Increases your damage. Soulless - You are not a target for scrying. Pain of Death - Death has dulled your senses to pain. Quickening - Gain an extra attack from your quickness. Toughness - You take even less damage than before. Spiritual powers of the Undead (Spirit): Spectral Vision - Enhance your perception to superior levels. Darkbless - Gain the blessing of the Dark One. Mistwalk - Travel quickly to distant places as mist. Touch of the Dark - Gain magical resistances from the Dark One. Eyes of the Dead - Sense the passage of the spirits of the dead.
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