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tournament tourney gladiator

Category: General
Author: Lorin
The tournament arena is used to get to know all of the weapons, armor, and items in the game. This area is strictly cut from the actual game and is mostly used to practice and perceive which combination of gear would be best. To become a tourney ([Gladiator]} character, just ask an admin and they will prompt you through the one step process of just creating a new character! -=RULES=- 1. You CANNOT leave the arena. If that happens, you must RECALL at once and report to an admin how you left. 2. Do not grief other testers. Please respect them and ask if they would care to spar. They are here to test, not to PK! Also note that the admin do hold Free For Alls. 3. Do not whine! *Anyone who does not follow the rules will be deleted or removed. If you are found working with other players, such as giving out the items to regular mortal players, they will be deleted also.* -=LOCATIONS=- From RECALL: Armor Shop - N, E *NOTE* This shop sells special items. The armor and gemstones are unique to this place. The gem stones work the same as jewels, but instead a small and big one can be placed on armor along with a jewel. In total, a small gem, large gem, and a jewel can be placed on items here. General Store - N, N. Tattoo Shop - N, W, S. Materia/Mastery Shop - N, W, S, W. Jewel Store - N, W, W. Forge/Relic Weapons - N, W, N. Relic Armor - N, W, N, W. COMMANDS THAT DO NOT WORK -Auction -Travel -Leave Arena Area
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