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Items Spikes Critical Haste Drain Leech

Category: General
Author: unknown
This mud has a customized itemcode much like that of Diablo II. Items are randomly generated and given a ranking based on the power of the item. This is just an approximation, so not all items of one rank items will be better than items in a lower rank. Low Ranks: Newbie, Apprentice, Novice, Squire Mid Ranks: Knight, Champion, Hero High Ranks: Master, Grandmaster, King Critcal Hit Haste --------------------- --------------------- Critcals Slightly Slightly Faster Criticals Faster Criticals Greatly Alot Faster Criticals Tremendously Much Faster Frightening Criticals Blindingly Fast Ungodly Criticals Frightening Speed Spikes Drain/Leech --------------------- --------------------- Small Barbs Small Amount Spikes Large Amount Large Spikes Massive Amount Jagged Spikes Enormous Amount Razor Sharp Spikes Tremendous Amount Gruesome Spikes
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