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Category: Items
Author: Lorin
Materia are small spheres of crystallized spiritual energy that grant the user special abilities and powers beyond those of mortal men. Each materia gives different attribute bonuses and may have a special ability. Materia can be won by spinning tokens at Larron or through auctions from other players. Red - Adds Critical, Str, Dex, Hitroll, Damroll, Hitpoints Yellow - Adds Haste, Agi, Str, Hitroll Green - Adds Spikes, AC, Con, Wis, Hitpoints Turquoise - Adds Life Drain, Int, Dex, Con Blue - Adds Mana Drain, AC, Wis, Int, Mana Purple - Adds Evade, AC, Dex, Con, Hitpoints Black - Adds Phase, AC, Dex, Agi, Move White - Adds Resistance, AC, Wis, Int, Hitroll, Damroll, Hitpoints, Mana, Move
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