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Category: General
Author: Radyth
COMMONS * some scrap metal, a copper bar, an iron bar, a block of granite an emerald, a sapphire, a ruby, an opal, a cord of gossamer some braided cotton fabric, a patch of leather fabric, a patch of wool fabric a ball of yarn, a board of yew wood, a board of cherry wood a board of oak wood, a board of beech wood, a piece of flint a sharpened knife, a sturdy hammer, a box of nails, a flask of oil a simple hack saw, a carving tool, a whetstone, a sewing needle UNCOMMONS * a bar of steel, a bar of titanium, a block of clay, a diamond, an amethyst a topaz jewel, a cord of satin, a cord of velvet, a board of walnut wood a board of birch wood, a board of hickory wood RARES * a bar of mithril, a block of feldspar, a tiger's eye, a jeweled skull a piece of jasper, some woven spider silk, a ball of mithril twine a long nylon rope, a board of pine wood, a board of balsa wood a board of maple wood, some dragonscales, a seal of doom ULTRA RARES * an obsidian shard, a glowing dragon energist, a bloodstone the legendary katana, "Chirijiraiden", a golden yo-yo, the Alien Blaster a black lotus flower, aladdin's mystic lamp, a broken unicorn's horn a small fossilized ammonite, vilya, the ring of Air, a battery powered drill
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