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Category: General
Author: unknown
Ghouls are creatures risen from the grave, bearing death and decay with them. Powerful in hand to hand combat, they also have several debilitating attacks and are not easily damaged. Take care when fighting one of these abominations. Skills are gained using the Undeath command. Undeath learn to gain power. Claws - Grow deadly claws from your fingers. Graft - Salvage body parts from a victim's corpse. Ravage - Tear your enemy to bits with your claws. Insects - Summon a swarm of biting insects. Feed - Feed off of your enemy to regain life. Taint - Charge your claws with evil auras. Infest - Spew out flesheating maggots at your enemy. Fervor - Increases your damage in combat. (Auto) Death - Become a mortally wounded corpse on the ground. Gore - Use your tainted claws for a special attack. * Primary Attribute: Strength. * Secondary Attibute: Agility, Dexterity. A ghoul's claws get more powerful with each level, giving them damage and hitroll and damroll.
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