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Category: General
Author: Zero Radyth
[Continued from 'help 2newbie'] Equipment Stats: Base attributes of up to 5 in all. Single stat of up to +20 Single stat of up to +10 Enhanced defense can go up to 200% Perfect EQ is considered to be 35 all in 1 stat or 25/15 in complementary stats. These unique equipment pieces can also load spikes and magical resistance. Spikes: Damage retaliation against Melee Attacks Magic Resistance: Protection vs Spells AC: Protection vs Melee ----------------------------------------------------------- - Useful Helpfiles - ----------------------------------------------------------- Help Class Help Items Help Relic Help Materia Help Tattoo Help Inset Help Forge Help Refine Help Quest Help Days Help Pkpower Help Token Help Mastery Help Toggle Help Practice Help Detox Help Clearstat Help PK Range Help Auction Help Escape -----------------------------------------------------------
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