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Category: General
Author: Zero Radyth
[Continued from 'help newbie'] Once you've decided upon your class, you'll need to use the 'selfclass' command to acquire it. Read the helpfiles for your class thoroughly to get familiar with it. There are also class guides posted on the website. All classes have subclasses, so you will also need to decide upon your subclass. Use your skill command listed in your class help file to pick your sub-class. ex. selfclass demon Chooses the demon class. pact torment Chooses the torment subclass. Once you have chosen your class and subclass, go down from RECALL to reach the teleportation room. In the room description, there are various areas listed. You can say the name of any of these areas to instantly warp to them. [Skyreach, Sewers, Goblin, Elemental, Cemetary] ex. say goblin Newbie says, 'Goblin' The strongest commands for leveling are earthquake, arrowstorm and berserk. Earthquake is a spell attack on the room (c earthquake) [INT] Berserk is a weapon based attack on the room (berserk). [STR] Arrowstorm is a bow sentinel skill attack on the room (arrowstorm). [AGI] * These attacks are only effective against mobiles. Using them against other players will do nothing! Some mobs are immune to these as well! While leveling you will find new equipment, use {$look{$ or {$cast ID{$ to see the items information. {$Level{$ is a command to see where your weapon skills reside at. 200 is the maximum, and they all must be at 200 to obtain {$MASTERY{$. Suggested Leveling Areas: Level 1-25 Sewer Rats Level 25-35 Elven Hunters Level 35-60 Skeletons/Harpy/Cockroaches Level 60-75 Druids/Ghouls/Wounded Trolls/Monks/Goblin Champions Level 75-100 Patient/Bladedancer/ORC Warrior/Ronin Samurai/Apparitions/Griffin/Kendo Fighters/Zen Archers/Highbournes/Storm Giants/Monstrous ORCs/Orderly Mastery Crawler/Saint/Nurse/Wench/Treant/Orangutans (Strictly gold and equipment hunting at this point) {$NEXT (Help 3newbie){$
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