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Newbie Help

Category: General
Author: Zero Ragnar Radyth
War of Legend is an advanced player-killing mud with 100 levels, a might rate system, unique classes, clans, a reward system, item improvement through forging/refining, questing, skills earned through PK, and a randomized item and equipment system with tons of different items. Our staff is still very active in taking War of Legend even further. Getting Started: First, you will want to type {$HELP CLASS{$, and read about all the classes before you choose. Below is a list of classes and their difficulty ranks based off a scale of 1 to 10. Demon: {$Inferno: Difficulty 6{$ {$Torment: Difficulty 6{$ {$Slaughter: Difficulty 5{$ Drow: {$Warrior: Difficulty 7{$ {$Mage: Difficulty 5{$ {$Cleric: Difficulty 6{$ Ninja: {$Lotus: Difficulty 5{$ {$Spider: Difficulty 10{$ {$Serpent: Difficulty 8{$ Sentinel: {$Sword: Difficulty 7{$ {$Arcane: Difficulty 6{$ {$Bow: Difficulty 7{$ Dragoon: {$Dragoons: Difficulty 5{$ Zealot: {$Priest: Difficulty 7{$ {$Paladin: Difficulty 5{$ {$Monk: Difficulty 8{$ Werewolf: {$Shaman: Difficulty 6{$ {$Hunter: Difficulty 8{$ {$Berserker: Difficulty 4{$ Undead: {$Wraith: Difficulty 8{$ {$Vampire: Difficulty 6{$ {$Ghoul: Difficulty 3{$ {$NEXT (Help 2Newbie){$
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