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Sorc2 Wizard Necromancer Warlock

Category: z_Sorceror
Author: Radyth
WORK IN PROGRESS -- WORK IN PROGRESS -- WORK IN PROGRESS -- WORK IN PROGRESS Necromancer: Necromancers get a majority of their damage from their summons. They must upkeep a multitude of creatures using their NECROMANCY spells to heal, boost and sacrifice their minions. Necromancers can get a lot of melee strikes by having a large army of skeletal warriors, they can get a lot of midround strikes by having a large army of skeletal mages, or they can get a nice even mix. They may summon up to 3 zombies, which serve as slightly stronger versions of a skeletal warrior but can be targeted by a skill to run and explode on your enemies. In the DECAY skill group, necromancers have access to powerful poisons and crippling affects. Combat generally consists of maintaining your army, resummoning when needed, cursing the enemy and sacrificing zombies to blow up. All summons are going to be immune to berserk, quake, arrowstorm but can still be hit by other class specific area attacks such as werewolf whirlwind, ninja shuriken, paladin zeal, etc. These are the classes that will probably have the upper hand vs necromancer. Summoned creature stats will be based upon the intelligence and the might rating of the caster. Wizard: Wizards are different from the other two sorcerors in that they do not utilize summons to fight with. They gain melee based upon the enchant on the equipped staff through a skill in their CHARMS group. If the staff has got flaming on it, it casts fire spells in place of striking. This means that their melee round is mostly made up of these spells, as all sorcerors only get 1-2 actual melee attacks. They are the most direct damage sub type of the sorcerors with some powerful spells in their ARCANE group, but they also require some odd stats. They will require wisdom for the number of hits and the actual weapon damage of the staff combined with the caster's intelligence determines the power of the strikes. Combat consists of spending points gained through on charms like TRANCE CASTING (which casts spells in your melee round, greatly assisting with damage output), casting spells from your staff, and utilizing spells from ARCANE to dish out some major damage. The CHARMS point system would work similarly to a rage counter and would go up each time damage is dealt to a player. This means that attacks with multiple strikes are more effective at increasing your charm points. They are so dependent on their staff, disarming a wizard can be very crippling to them. Warlock: Warlocks are very similar to necromancers in that they must maintain summons. However, warlocks are different in that they only have one summon compared to a unit. This one creature is their demon summon, and it's very very important to a warlock's well being. All summoned demons split damage 50-50 that their master receive. This is a one-way relationship, so basically if you attack the demon - it takes 100% of the damage. If you attack the master and the demon is still alive, they both take 50% of the damage. Warlocks also have the ability to heal their summoned demon by taking off some of their own health. Throughout the DEMONOLOGY skill line, necromancers will gain the ability to further improve their summoned demons. Throughout the UNHOLY skill line, necromancers will gain the ability to cast unholy boosts on themselves and their demon. There will also be life draining unholy spell attacks. Combat consists of keeping you and your demon alive, while letting them do most of the work and assisting with debuffs and other spells. * ALL OF THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS AND COULD CHANGE AT ANY MOMENT.
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