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Sorc1 Sorceror Overview

Category: z_Sorceror
Author: Radyth
WORK IN PROGRESS -- WORK IN PROGRESS -- WORK IN PROGRESS -- WORK IN PROGRESS Okay, so if you don't already know about them - sorcerors are a class that had been started on a long time ago, but they were never finished. I don't know what all the original author was planning on doing with everything, so I'm pretty much going to be starting from scratch on planning. I'm planning on using the same concept as before with power words and actions. Basically, each skill group has a power word associated with it (like the DECAY group is 'Infirmus') that you must activate by using the say command (ie. say Infirmus). Doing this will select that skill group for casting. There are 5 different actions you can use after activating a power word that will specify which skill you want to use. So, a necromancer could activate infirmus and then use 'snap' to possibly cover your opponent in lesions. Using 'clap' or 'point' would specify other spells within the activated group. Each subclass of Sorceror gets 2 spell groups, a generic group shared by all sorcs, and they may pick a final group out of a few different choices (lightning, fire, ice). This will allow for things such as a Fire-Wizard, Lighting-Wizard, Fire-Warlock, Lightning-Warlock, and etc. Read the helpfile for 'Sorc2' for detailed information about each subtype. * THIS IS ALL A WORK IN PROGRESS AND COULD CHANGE AT ANY MOMENT.
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