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Category: z_Demon
Author: Triskal
The demons of Inferno are masters of using fire and brimstone to slay their enemies. While ineffective against other Inferno minions, their skills can decimate the ranks of their enemies. * Immolate - Surround your weapons in flame. * Fireshield - Wrap yourself in protective flame. * Flamestrike - Attack an enemy with streams of fire. * Firewall - Block off your exits with walls of fire. * Engulf - Set your enemy on fire. * Firebreath - You breathe fire on your enemies. * Haste - Your speed is increased by the lords of Inferno. * Inferno - Explode into flames to protect your wounded body. * Blaze - Strike your enemy with your blazing aura. * Hellfire - Destroy your enemies with devastating hellfire. * Primary Attribute: Intelligence. * Secondary Attribute: Strength, Dexterity. * Tertiary Attribute: Agility, Constitution, Wisdom Inferno demons use magical attacks in their battles. While not as weak as most other caster classes, their melee is significantly below that of their brethren. See help files on Inferno skills.
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