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Category: General
Author: Qaapz Radyth
There are several days here on the War of Legend. Each day has a different effect on gameplay. The days and the effects are listed below. Slaughter is the Day of Killing. * Travel will work through No Summon. * PK point losses/gains are doubled. Hunt is the Day of Finding. * You gain double qps and find quest items easier. * All players gain a boost in magic find. * Clans can move the location of their base. War is the Day of Damage. * All damage dealt to/received from mobiles is doubled. * Clans and players with mastery may claim areas. Greed is the Day of Gold. * You gain double gold from your kills. * Clans and players may claim gold from their claimed areas. Knowledge is the Day of Learning. * All experience that is gained is doubled. * Automated trivia will run. Sword is the Day of Training. * You will train your weapon levels much faster.
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