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Category: General
Author: Tijer
The Godwars: War of Legend was originally created by Triskal in 2004. The code has been worked on by numerous people since he passed it on in 2006. Thanks go to the following people (in no particular order): ...Triskal, for creating the original MUD. ...Zakarowyn, for continuing to host the MUD after Triskal quit. ...Reverett, for his early work on the code. ...Trent, for his early work on the code. ...Radyth, for MAJORLY overhauling the code making it what it is today. ...Zemus, for his early work on the code. ...Talen, for working out some of the bugs in the code. ...Tijer, for his work on Reign of Chaos, which was made into the current version of the code running. ...Pacel, for trying to keep the Immortals and players in order. ...Balakoth, for his MYSQL integration snippet. ...The Builders Past and Present, for their areas. And finally, to you the player, for coming back to the MUD after numerous restarts.
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