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Questions FAQ

Category: General
Author: Zero
Frequently Asked Questions: How do I pick a class? Selfclass Drow Ninja Demon Dragoon Sentinel Undead Zealot Werewolf ex. Selfclass Zealot Help Files are available for each class. After choosing a class you now must use the class skills command to select your sub-class. ex. Undeath Vampire/Ghoul/Wraith - The command used to select your sub-class is also how you select which skills to learn. Where can I gain experience at low levels? Down from Recall is the best place to start. Say which area you want (sewers, cemetary, skyreach, goblin, elemental) What are tokens for? Tokens give random luxuries or punishments. Spin tokens at Larron (use class travel or 4s1w of recall) Where can I get a tattoo 4s1e of recall Help Tattoo Where can I find materia? Materia can be found in chests, with gold tokens, or bought with quest points Where is the player shop? 1s1w of recall. Use shop command to see available options. [Ex Shop( Shop list STR )] How do I toggle my configurations? Toggle command
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