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Category: z_Zealot
Author: unknown
Combos are special abilities used by Monks which are triggered by using a certain sequences of hand to hand attacks. In each stance there are three combos. All combos are to some extent affected by Str as well as another attribute depending on the stance the combo is used from. Monks need a good mix of strength, dexterity and Agility. Mantis Stance Combos (Str, Dex) -------------------------------------------------- [kgp] Eyegouge - Blinds target for a short period of time [spg] Critical Blow - Breaks body parts, crippling the target [sks] Focus Precision - Improves chances of getting a critical hit Tiger Stance Combos (Str, Agi) -------------------------------------------------- [pgk] Jump Kick - Attack target from adjacent room [gsp] Tiger Fist - Hits one target 4-6 times [sps] Focus Speed - Builds haste counter Serpent Stance Combos (Str, Dex) -------------------------------------------------- [gpg] Mana Drain - Steal target's mana [pgg] Life Drain - Steal target's hit points [kgs] Power Drain - Temporarily buff stats while weakening opponent Dragon Stance Combos (Str, Agi) -------------------------------------------------- [kpp] Flaming Uppercut - Hit opponent for big damage and set them on fire [psk] Whirlwind Kick - Hit everyone in the room 1-3 times [gsk] Lightning Kick - Hit the target 2-5 times
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