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Category: z_Zealot
Author: unknown
Monks are fighters who use their own bodies as the perfect weapon. They are masters in using different fighting styles against different opponents, and can unleash many devastating combination attacks in a row. Skills are gained using the Devote command. Devote <Monk/Life/Faith> improve to gain power. Punch - Use your fists to destroy your foes. Mantis - Assume the legendary Mantis combat stance. Kick - Use your feet to destroy your foes. Tiger - Assume the legendary Tiger combat stance. Grab - Use devastating grab attacks on your foes. Serpent - Assume the legendary Serpent combat stance. Sweep - Sweep your foes off their feet and down to the ground. Dragon - Assume the legendary Dragon combat stance. Salvation - When you are low on life, you are bestowed with enhanced evasion. Throw - Throw your foes with mighty force. * Primary Attribute: Strength. * Secondary Attibute: Agility, Dexterity. * Tertiary Attribute: Constitution, Wisdom. In each stance there are three powerful combination attacks. These attacks are each made up of three of the basic blows (Punch/Kick/Grab/Sweep) * Read help MonkCombos for more information.
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