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Category: z_Demon
Author: Triskal
Perhaps the most feared of all the demons, the servants of Slaughter modify their bodies into weapons. By growing horns and spines, tails and wings, they can become a devastating force. * Horns - Grow a pair of horns from your head. * Scales - Grow thick scales over your body. * Tail - Grow a powerful tail from your spine. * Rush - Charge into your enemy with a devastating rush attack.(Str, Damroll) * Demonform - Change into a powerful demon. * Wings - Grow a pair of wings from your back. * Fury - Focus your hatred into a powerful attack.(Str, Damroll) * Spines - Grow some deadly spines all over your body. * Metabolism - Your wounds heal on their own.(Passive) * Blink - Teleport behind your enemy for a devastating attack. * Mastery - You have a more powerful and deadly demonform. * Primary Attribute: Agility. * Secondary Attribute: Strength, Damroll * Tertiary Attribute: Dexterity, Constitution. Also see the helpfile on any Slaughter ability for more information.
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