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Category: Items
Author: Qaapz
Forging is the improvement of items through the spending of gold. You can forge 50k gold worth of a single attribute, up to 150k total among all attributes, per refine. Forging name/short/long can be done as much as you like and does not count against the 150k forge max. Syntax: forge Ex: forge bracer str 10 will forge 50k worth of strength onto your bracer. Name/Short/Long: 100 gold coins per change. Armor Class : 1000 gold coins a point. Hitroll/Damroll: 2000 gold coins a point. Damage : 2000 gold coins a point. Attributes : 5000 gold coins a point. If you find a piece of equipment you think to be better than something you have already forged you can sacrifice the forged equipment. You'll be able to salvage the gold you spent on forging this item to use again. Refine costs and jewels cannot be salvaged. New modifications may be added later, but this is how it stands now. See help files on Inset and Refine.
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