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Category: z_Dragoon
Author: Triskal
Dragoons are knights skilled in the art of combat and mimic the behaviors of dragons. They are masters of the spear and shield and use powerful magic attacks. Skills - Increase your power by learning new skills. Skills learn to gain a skill. Initially you must choose a dragon type, which will have great affect on what type of dragoon you are and how you play the class. There are seven different types of dragoons to choose from. Each has it's own special affects on impales and breaths. Fire Dragoons - impale and breath have a fire damage bonus. Ice Dragoons - impale and breath do cold damage and drains your opponents strength. Lightning Dragoons - impale and breath have a lightning damage bonus. Acid Dragoons - impale and breath have an acid damage bonus. Magic Dragoons - impale and breath have a magical damage bonus and twist your opponents magical attacks or affects. Holy Dragoons - impale and breath do holy damage as well as impales that heal you and their breaths have a chance to do double damage. Dark Dragoons - impale and breath do unholy damage and also drain away your opponents lifeforce. Each Dragoon also has an empower skill they can use to magically enchant weapons for themselves or other players. Empowers are based on the type of dragoon you choose and empower the weapon accordingly. * Primary Attribute: Dexterity. * Secondary Attribute: Intelligence/Strength. * Tertiary Attribute: Constitution/Agility. Also see helpfiles on Melee, Mystic, and Lore.
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