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Market Nikki Playershop

Category: Items
Author: Radyth
Player Markets Player Markets allow you to sell and buy equipment that you could normally auction. (ex. Relics, Uniques, Tokens) The Player Markets are located at Nikki (1s, 1w of recall) To open your own shop you must complete quests and purchase one through the quest buy command. Syntax: Shop (command) Commands: List / Add / Remove / Buy / Collect / Identify Shop List; Shows a list of items in the shop which may be narrowed down. (ex. Shop List Str Agi; shows all items with the stats strength and agility. Shop List Bracer Str; shows all of the items with the keyword Bracer with strength. You can also type Shop List Mine to show a list of items that you have listed for sale) Shop Identify; Shows information about the item chosen. (ex. Shop Identify 200; shows all stats and other information about item #200) Shop Add; This command allows a player to add items to the shop, however, a player must first purchase a shop from the quest list. (ex. Shop Add Bracer 10000; Adds a bracer with a price of 10000) All items listed are at a minimum value of 10000 gold. Shop Remove; This command allows a player to remove an item from the shop he/she has listed and needs back. (ex. Shop Remove ID#; Removes your item from the shop) Shop Buy; This command allows a player to buy an item from the shop (ex. Shop Buy 200; Nikki gives you item #200 for your gold) Shop Collect; This command is to collect your money from Nikki after they have been sold. (ex. Shop Collect; Nikki hands you your gold) * Anyone can buy from a player shop, even if they don't own a shop of their own.
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