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Category: z_Sentinel
Author: unknown
*Way of Nature - The arts arcane to draw power from the Earth. *Vision - Enhance your vision to supernatural heights. *Shield - Protect your aura from magical intrusions. *Blessing - The Earth blesses you with its power. *Shift - Shift through the hidden passages within the Earth. *Embrace - Have protection from the elements with Nature's Embrace. *Barkskin - Turn your flesh into bark to absorb damage. *Thorns - Grow sharp thorns from your flesh to pierce enemies. *Entangle - Trap your enemies in tangled vines. *Regenerate - You will heal much faster under this spell's affects. *Trace - Master the art of Runespells and decimate your foes. * Primary Attribute: Intelligence. * Secondary Attibute: Dexterity. * Tertiary Attribute: Agility, Constitution. Some of there skills are automatic once you gain them and others need to be typed in order to use them. Way of Nature is an automatic skill. Most of these skills are your class blesses. Vision, Shield, Blessing, Embrace, Barkskin, Thorns, and Regenerate can all be used by simply typing the name of the skill to activate it. Shift is your travel skill and can be used by typing shift *target*. Entangle is a combat skill and can be used to trap your opponent by typing entangle *target*. Trace can be used in several different ways. You can use it in combat, on weapons, on yourself, or on a room to create whatever affect you desire. To use Trace you will need to type trace *rune type* *target*. See also help Trace.
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