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Category: z_Sentinel
Author: Triskal
*Way of the Sword - The art of melee combat and offensive tactics. *Swordtech - Use the power harnessed by fierce combat. *Focus - Concentrate to build energy for powerful skills. *Strength - The Earth empowers your swings with strength. *Sidestep - You dodge blows more easily. *Feigndeath - Pretend to be mortally wounded. *Quickness - You move faster when attacking your enemies. *Bladedance - Alter your fighting style to mimic forces of nature. *Dancing Blade - You blade dances between parry and attack. *Feint - A quick attack that makes your enemies vulnerable. *Counterstrike - Counter your enemy's attacks with your own fierce blow. * Primary Attribute: Strength. * Secondary Attibute: Agility, Constitution. See helpfiles on each skill for more information.
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