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Category: z_Dragoon
Author: unknown
Lore is your special powers group. It is determined based on the color dragon you serve. The syntax remains the same, but the affect of the skills change dramatically. Lore only goes to level 5. Empower - Enchant your weapon with magical power. Dragonscale - Grow protective scales over your body. Breathe - Use a devastating breath attack. Dragonspirit - Your dragon blesses you with its spiritual power. Impale - A powerful attack invoking your dragon's magical power. Dragonheart - A special power is invoked at the time of being mortally wounded. Empower is an enchanting skill that can be used on weapons. To use this skill you can type empower *weapon*. Dragonscale, Dragonspirit, and Dragonheart are all class bless type skills and can be used by typing dragonscale, dragonspirit, or dragonheart.Each of these skills will need to be reactivated when you die. Breath and Impale are combat skills and can be used by typing breath *target* or impale *target*.
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