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Category: z_Dragoon
Author: unknown
Shield Block - You are much more skilled at using a shield. Shield Bash - You can smash your shield into opponents during combat. (Str) Pummel - Take your opponent airbone for a devastating attack. (Str) Dragon's Might - You will now hit much harder. Dragon's Speed - You have enhanced attacks. Jump - Dive from the clouds to attack your enemies. (Str) Some of these skills are automatic when you get them and others you will need to type in order to use them in combat. Shield Block and Shield Bash are automatic when you wear a shield and set your evade to evade *block*. Dragon's Might and Dragon's Speed are also automatic skills. You don't have to worry about any special setting with these skills once you obtain them. Pummel is not an automatic skill. It can be used by typing pummel *target* during combat or to initiate a fight if desired. Jump is not an automatic skill either. It can only be used to initiate a fight but not during. If another player flees or uses a skill that stops combat you may use it at that time as well. To use the jump skill you must type jump *player* *direction*.
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