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Category: z_Dragoon
Author: unknown
Sight - See with enhanced vision. Spy - See through your dragon's eyes to spy on an enemy. Roar - Mimic a dragon's roar, causing various affects. Fetch - Call your dragon to bring you an enemy. Flight - Catch a ride on the back of your dragon. Dragonblood - Turn your blood to acid like that of a dragon. Sight and Dragonblood can be activated by typing truesight and dragonblood. Both ablilities will need to be reactivated when you die. Spy is an ability that can be used to spy on any player. It can be used by typing spy *target*. Roar is a combat skill and can be used during combat by typing roar *target*. Fetch is an ability that can be used to bring players or mobs to you outside of combat. You can use this ability by typing fetch *target*. Flight is your travel skill and can be used by typing flight *target*.
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