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Category: z_Undead
Author: unknown
Vampires are masters of shapeshifting. There power lies in the ability to mask themselves as others and using their powerful bloodrage attack to transform into powerful creatures. Skills are gained using the Undeath command. Undeath learn to gain power. Entrance - Distract an opponent with your mesmerizing gaze. Feed - A vicious biting attack that feeds your bloodlust. Speed - You dodge attacks with supernatural quickness. Enrage - Focus your hunger and gain bloodlust. Fortitude - Reduce the damage your opponents deal. Potency - An increase in your damage output. Change - Change your form to look like another. Embrace - A powerful stealth attack that feeds your bloodlust. Clone - Confound your opponents with a clone of yourself. Bloodrage - Use your rage to transform into a powerful form. * Primary Attribute: Strength. * Secondary Attibute: Agility. * Tertiary Attribute: Constitution Bloodlust is a measure of the vampire's rage, which he uses to induce bloodrage. Different level of bloodlust induces different bloodrage types.
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