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Category: z_Undead
Author: unknown
Wraiths are necromancers that have found a way to cheat death. They radiate fear and death and have the ability to cripple their opponents with horrible curses. They have learned several more deadly spells from the Netherworld to use on their enemies. Skills are gained using the Undeath command. Undeath learn to gain power. Wail - Stun your enemies with an evil wailing. Iceblast - Unleash the frozen might of the Nethermists. Fade - Travel short distances in the spirit world. Cripple - Weaken your opponent with a powerful curse. Vampiric Aura - Feed off of your enemy to regain magic. Death Aura - Radiate deadly magic to harm your enemies. Spiritform - Become ethereal and phase through attacks. Terror - Fill your victim with mind-shattering terror. Confuse - Flay your victim's mind, confusing them. Arcanus - Use the deadly spells learned from the Nether. * Primary Attribute: Intelligence. * Secondary Attibute: Dexterity, Constitution.
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