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Category: z_Zealot
Author: unknown
Priests are holy warriors who use their faith for protection. They are a low damage class and rely on damage over times and letting their opponents hurt themselves by making use of holy auras. Skills are gained using the Devote command. Devote <Priest/Life/Faith> improve to gain power. Sanctuary - Call upon the heavens to sanctify the room you are in. Damnation - Place a holy curse on your foes, damning them to hell. Salvation - When you are low on life, you are bestowed with enhanced defense. Lightning - Strike your foes down with holy lightning. More effective if the room is flooded. God's Bond - Use the strength of the heavens to bind your opponents. Deliverance - The almighty gods shall rescue you from danger. Intervention - The heavens shall intervene when they see fit. Holy Aura - Use holy auras to defend yourself from evil. Pray - Talk to the gods in hope for a miracle. Martyrdom - This skill allows you to dish out some damage after you are mortally wounded. Martyrdom will not heal you, but it could help you get away. * Primary Attribute: Intelligence. * Secondary Attibute: Wisdom. * Tertiary Attribute: Constitution. * Some priest skills are more effective in a sanctified room, including your auras and damnation. * Sanctuary will heal you and remove some bad affects that have been placed upon you. * If you are in a flooded room, sanctuary will prevent you from drowning.
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