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Category: z_Drow
Author: Triskal
Combos are powerful attacks drow warriors can perform by chaining their basic attacks together in special sequences. Doing so not only executes devastating techniques, but it can alter the warrior's fighting style to give special bonuses and abilities. All Forms -------------------------------------------------- [LTT] Flurry - A number of quick, precise strikes. [+Offensive] [TBB] Whirlwind - Whip your sword around, hitting all enemies. [+Defensive] [LBC] Shadow Slash - Use your shadow magic to enhance your attack. [+Neutral] Offensive Form -------------------------------------------------- [TLC] Decimate - Devastating attack that pierces armor. [TLB] Shadowdance - Surround your enemy in darkness and unleash a powerful combo. Neutral Form -------------------------------------------------- [BCL] Cripple - Weaken your enemy with this precision attack. [CLB] Hamstring - Slow your enemy by targeting their legs. Defensive Form -------------------------------------------------- [LTL] Hilt Smash - Stun your enemy by smashing them with the hilt of your sword. [CCL] Disarm - Disarm your opponent to weaken and confuse them.
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