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Category: Commands
Author: Abyss
Name Cost Description Tripwire1 100pkp Anti-flee. 30% success rate. Tripwire2 150pkp Anti-flee. 50% success rate. Tripwire3 200pkp Anti-flee. 70% success rate. Sense1 50pkp Shows target's area. Alerts target. Sense2 75pkp Shows target's area. Taunt 100pkp Gives target a fight timer with you. Blend1 75pkp Prevents scry. Hides you on where. 5 ticks. Blend2 100pkp Prevents scry. Hides you on where. 10 ticks. travel 500pkp Just like class travel accept it works through nosummon. compass 250pkp Shows which direction the person you have a fight timer with is. 15 ticks. advmap 100pkp Shows players on your minimap. 15 ticks. (You have to have automap on.)
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