Written by Wydun, because he loves you.
Warrior: Heavy melee based DUAL WIELDING class.
Warriors are a combo type class meaning that general midround attacks turn into a powerful attack. Under help warriorcombos you will 
see the list of combos that are possible. The form most commonly used is the offensive form. This form is the best overall, untill 
possibly later with possible changes to the other forms in the future.

Weapons: Since they dual wield you will want to use a 1h Sword (Relic) since its required to process your combos. Also you will want to 
use a 1h Whip (Unique or Relic). A whip allows you to use your Garotte skill which is greatly improved while under the skill Darkness 
(it hides you). Garotte is your opener and can be a lethal damage skill.

Statting: Choosing how to build your warrior is solely dependant on you. How your play style will determine how you would like to 

Below will be some Stat suggestions:
1. Strength as your #1 choice followed by Agility as #2 followed by Dexterity as #3. Strength is the damage factor in your skills, 
Agility allows your skills and melee to land. and Dexterity allows you to stop melee hits, and possible midrounders from the enemy.
2. Build #2 is going to be Strength #1 and Agility #2 as general its your two stats you need the most. But the third stat is going to 
be Constitution. Con will lower the damage of each melee hit you take, and also the majority of midrounders in the game (Melee style 

Those are the two builds I would recommend toying with. Also Wisdom does come handy against those pesky casters, so also think about 
having some extra gear that you can forge Wisdom with and just swap out before a fight.

Drow Mage: The full caster of the Drows. They enjoy shattering their victims bones and then disrupting their souls.

Weapons: You're able to use One Hand / Shield combo or Dual Wield or even 2 Handed.
Statting: I'll place some builds down below:

1. #1 Stat is intelligence (its all of your midround damage) #2 stat is Constitution lowers melee and #3 Is Dexterity (evade attacks)
2. Once again Intelligence is #1, #2 Constitution and finally Wisdom as #3 Lowers other casters damage to you. 
Each build has its strong points and weaknesses. It'll all factor into how you want to play your mage.

Pking wise: Mage is pretty easy to play but can be tricky to master. Shatter is your main midrounder and also on top of that it debuff 
enemies stats. Another skill you have is Disrupt which actually removes the enemies items that are under their affected by list, and in 
return the disrupt damage is bigger then shatter. So in comboing Shatter and Disrupt it becomes a lethal combo. I won't provide all the 
skills for you, but make sure you check out all the abilities they all do something cool for you.

Drow Cleric: The masterful Spider of the drow. This class is a unique one, it can be counted as a caster or a Hybrid (meaning it can 
have caster abilities and have decent melee)

Weapons: Any combination you want.
Statting: Suggested stat builds below:
Caster: Intelligence / Constitution / Wisdom: This build is doable but it may not be to your liking. You're heavily relying on your 
tankiness and hope the other person lacks some defense so your abilities can land. 
Hybrid: Intelligence / Agility / Strength: This is what I call the full blown hybrid offense build. You're trying to out damage them 
faster then they damage you.
The Safe build: Intelligence / Agility / Constitution: This is a pretty solid normal build for a cleric. It's a generic build but gets 
the job done.